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Convenience Services

Courtesy Pay

To opt-in for the Courtesy Pay privilege for ATM and debit transactions, please review the Courtesy Pay Disclosure and take one of the following steps:

  • Click here for the Courtesy Pay Opt-In Form. Submit it securely online, or complete the form and bring it to your nearest branch, or mail to Member Services at Neighborhood Credit Union, P.O. Box 803476 Dallas, TX 75380-3476.
  • Stop by your branch and complete the form in person.
  • Call our Member Service Center and we will mail or fax the form to you. You can then return the form to us via mail, fax (see number above), or at the branch.

Courtesy Pay is a convenient tool for many of our members and we appreciate the fact that you took the time to complete the required form.

Protect your checking account with our Courtesy Pay service!

Sometimes things don’t go as we plan, and that can mean not having enough funds in our checking account to cover a retail transaction. If that happens it can be embarrassing, not to mention costly, when it comes to merchant fees. To help members avoid this occasional problem, Neighborhood Credit Union offers Courtesy Pay.

Qualifications for Courtesy Pay

Courtesy pay can be applied to any Neighborhood Credit Union checking account. See the table below for specifics. Please note that we may discontinue covering overdrafts through Courtesy Pay at any time without notice.

Fresh Start
Courtesy Pay Requirements
checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark Must be a current Neighborhood CU member
checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark Checking account must have been open for at least 60 days
checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark You must be a member in good standing
checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark Member must be 18 or older
checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark Account may not be dormant
checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark Must be a U.S. address on the account of record. No foreign addresses
checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark Social Security Number must be valid
checkmark Must have Direct Deposit
$1,100 $850 $1,100 $200 Transaction Limit
$33 $33 $33 $33 Check and ACH Fees
$32 $32 $32 $32 ATM/Debit card fees

Helpful links:

Telephone Teller

Telephone Teller means one simple thing: 24-hour instant access to your Neighborhood Credit Union accounts via the telephone. Make inquiries, loan payments, loan advances and even transfer funds between your accounts.

Call 214.742.3279 or 800.327.9863 and follow the instructions. For complete instructions, download our updated Telephone Teller Brochure.

Shared Branching

Over 6,100 nationwide locations from which to do deposits and withdrawals in the lobby for no fee. Whether you are traveling or relocating to a new community, you can still have easy access to your Neighborhood Credit Union accounts. Find the shared branching location nearest to you by clicking here.

Please note – ATM transactions at shared branching locations may still be assessed a surcharge or fee. Check with individual shared branching locations for details.

** Please note that “surcharge” refers to the fee other financial institutions charge for using their ATM machines. Transactions at non-Neighborhood Credit Union ATM’s will still have to pay the $1.95 non-Neighborhood Credit Union ATM fee.

Direct Deposit

Tired of the hassle and worry of waiting on your paycheck or government check to come in? Consider direct deposit with Neighborhood Credit Union!

You can authorize your employer or the government to directly deposit your funds into the Neighborhood Credit Union accounts of your choice. Some to savings, some to checking and some to your Christmas Club account? No problem! Just tell us how much and where, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Sign up for Direct Deposit today!

Below is our routing number and mailing address information:
Routing Number: 311079270
Mailing address: P.O. Box 803476 Dallas, TX 75380-3476


Still getting Social Security or SSI checks? Switch to direct deposit-the benefits are clear.

  • It’s safer – Direct deposit eliminates check fraud and helps protect against identity theft
  • It’s easier – You don’t have to leave home to cash or deposit your check
  • It gives you more control – No more waiting, you have immediate access to your money on payment day

Switching to direct deposit takes only a few minutes. Call (800)333-1795 or visit www.GoDirect.org.

Wire Transfers

Domestic & International Wires

Neighborhood Credit Union offers international wires. For more information, contact our Member Services Center at 214.748.9393.

Wire Transfer Service to Mexico

Neighborhood Credit Union provides members with a secure, affordable wire transfer service to any financial institution in Mexico for a flat rate of just $5, regardless of the amount being transferred. For more information, contact our Member Services Center at 214.748.9393.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes are available at low annual costs and in a wide variety of sizes to meet your needs. Whether it is important papers like a will or trust, birth certificates, title deeds, heirloom jewelry, precious photography negatives or a lock of your baby’s hair, a safe deposit box provides the ideal remote security.

Safe deposit boxes are available at our Mesquite and North Dallas offices. To take advantage of this service, call or stop by one of these branch offices today. You can also call our Member Service Center at 214.748.9393 or 800.321.3728.

Below are sizes and annual rental fees.

Size Annual Rental Fee
3×5 $35
3×10 $50
5×10 $75
10×10 $115
Refundable Key Deposit $15