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Online Banking

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Online Banking

How do I enroll in Online Banking?


Where can I find routing and account numbers?


How can I manage my account from home?


Can I order checks online?


Where can I make my credit card payment online?


Where can I find Zelle FAQs?



How do I opt-in to receive eStatements?


Where do I view my eStatements?


Is there a fee for paper banking statements?


Get Cash Back Rewards

What is Get Cash Back Rewards?


How do I activate Get Cash Back Rewards offers?


MyNCU Mobile App

Where can I download the MyNCU Mobile App?


How do I reset my login information from the MyNCU Mobile App?


How can I manage my account from home?


MyNCU Mobile Deposit

How do I sign up for Mobile Deposit?


When can I start using Mobile Deposit?


How should I endorse the check for Mobile Deposit?


What types of checks are not allowed for Mobile Deposit?


How soon will funds be available?


What are my deposit limits for Mobile Deposit?


How do I know if my mobile deposit was accepted?

Debit Card

How do I activate my debit card?


How do I change my debit card PIN number?


How can I make a debit card dispute?


What is the debit card despute process?


Credit Card

How can I make a credit card dispute?


MyNCU Card Lock

How do I access and use MyNCU Card Lock?

How long does take for a change to take place?


How long will my card be turned off?


Will turning off my debit card impact any pending transactions already authorized?


Will turning off my debit card impact recurring payments?

Top FAQs

Where can I make my loan payment online?


How can I check the status of my loan application?


Can I get pre-approved?


How long is an approved interest rate offer valid?


What is the minimum/maximum loan amount?


Am I able to purchase GAP, Dent Guard, or Extended Warranty protection separately?


Auto Loan Basics

How do I apply for an auto loan?


What documentation do I need?


Why is a longer term loan not always better?


How do I request credit union documents?


Where can I make my loan payment online?

Switching to Neighborhood CU

How do I switch my direct deposit to my new Neighborhood CU account?


How do I switch my automatic payment or withdrawals to Neighborhood CU?


American Consumer Council

What is the American Consumer Council (ACC)?


As a member of Neighborhood CU, how can I join the ACC?

What is NCU@Work?


What is a "SEG" Partner?


What are the companies that are involved with NCU@Work?


I work for the HR department at my company; how do I find out more about NCU@Work?

Courtesy Pay

What is a Courtesy Pay limit?


When you say I have a $1,500 Courtesy Pay limit does that mean you are giving me extra money in my account?


Does it mean I will always have access to that money?


If I have Courtesy Pay on my account, does it mean you will pay my item(s)?


You keep saying good standing what does that mean?


What happens if I don’t want to be in the Courtesy Pay service?


If I have the Courtesy Pay service on my account and keep enough money in it to pay for all my purchases will you still charge me?


Am I signing up to pay these fees?


Why is that fee so high?


I don’t want you to pay items when I don’t have enough money. What do I do?


When you say link accounts together what do you mean?


Does linking accounts together (overdraft protection) cost me anything?


What happens if I don’t have enough money in my linked account?


I never overdraw my account, should I sign up for the Courtesy Pay service?