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Protecting Yourself from Skimming Attacks in the DFW-Metroplex 

Published May 2, 2023

As a credit union serving members in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex, we are aware of the recent increase in skimming attacks in the area. Skimming is a type of fraud where criminals install a device on an ATM or gas pump that reads the magnetic strip on a credit or debit card. This allows them to steal the card's information and use it to make unauthorized purchases or withdrawals. 

We want to remind our members to be vigilant and to review their recent transactions regularly. If you identify any suspicious activity, please file a debit card dispute immediately. Neighborhood Credit Union members are never held responsible for fraudulent activity and their accounts will be made whole, including any fees that are charged as a result of the fraud. 

While we take measures to protect our members' information and accounts, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of falling victim to skimming attacks. 

  • If you choose to not run your debit card as credit, it is important to always cover your hand when entering your PIN at an ATM or gas pump. This prevents skimmers from recording your keystrokes and accessing your account information.  
  • Additionally, you should check for any signs of tampering on the machine before using it. Look for anything that appears loose or out of place, as this may indicate that a skimming device has been installed. 
  • Another way to protect yourself is to use chip-enabled cards whenever possible. These cards are more secure than traditional magnetic stripe cards and are less susceptible to skimming attacks. All Neighborhood Credit Union cards are chip-enabled. 
  • Lastly, we encourage our members to monitor their accounts regularly through online banking or mobile apps. This will allow you to identify any unauthorized transactions quickly and notify your financial institution immediately. 

As a credit union, we take skimming fraud seriously and are committed to protecting our members from any fraudulent activity. We encourage our members to take steps to protect themselves, including covering their hand when entering their PIN, checking for signs of tampering, using chip-enabled cards, and monitoring their accounts regularly. You can learn more about skimming on, and read about skimming fraud occurring recently in the North Texas area. 

If you have any questions or concerns about skimming attacks or the security of your account, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and ensure that our members feel safe and secure when using our services. 

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