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Beware of These 5 Common Holiday Scams

Published December 19, 2024
As a reminder, Neighborhood Credit Union will never initiate contact via email/text/call and ask for personal banking information. Explore our Privacy & Security Center for more information on account security and ongoing scams in the community.

The holiday season is a time for celebration, giving, and spreading joy. Unfortunately, it's also a time when scammers become more active, preying on the unsuspecting and the festive spirit. To help you protect yourself and your loved ones, we've compiled a list of the top 5 most common holiday scams to watch out for.

Online Shopping Scams

How the Scam Works: You come across an online store offering unbelievable discounts on popular holiday gifts. Tempted by the low prices, you make a purchase, only to receive subpar or counterfeit items, or worse, nothing at all. This is a classic online shopping scam. Scammers create fake online stores to lure in shoppers, so always double-check the legitimacy of a website and read reviews before making a purchase. 

Phishing Emails and Messages

Phishing emails and text messages are rampant during the holidays. Scammers send messages that appear to be from trusted sources, such as financial institutions, delivery services, or travel agencies. These messages contain fake links or attachments that, when clicked, can lead to identity theft or malware installation. Be cautious and verify the sender's authenticity before interacting with such messages. If you ever receive and email or text message from us that appears suspicious, do not hesitate to call us directly to verity.

Travel Scams

Planning a holiday getaway? Be very cautious of enticing travel deals that seem too good to be true. Scammers offer discounted plane tickets, hotel reservations, or vacation packages, taking your payment upfront. However, once they have your money, they disappear, leaving you with no travel arrangements. Always book through reputable travel agencies or websites to avoid falling victim to travel scams.

Gift Card Scams

Gift cards are a popular holiday gift choice, and scammers know it. They might call or send emails claiming that you've won a gift card or that there's an issue with a gift card purchase. In reality, they're after your personal information or payment. Always be cautious and verify the legitimacy of such claims before sharing any personal details or making payments.

Charity Scams

The holiday season is a time for giving, and scammers take advantage of this by posing as fake charities. They solicit donations for various causes, but the money often ends up in their pockets rather than helping those in need. Before donating, research the charity and ensure its legitimate.

To wrap things up (pun intended), the holiday season is a time for joy and generosity, it's essential to remain vigilant against these common scams. Be cautious when shopping online, interacting with emails and messages, booking travel, or making charitable donations. As we reach the peak of holiday season, always practice caution, and contact us if you suspect anything suspicious. You can also stay informed with ongoing scams and updates by visiting our Privacy & Security Center throughout the year!

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