Neighborhood Credit Union

Recap of Our First Real Estate Workshop

First of all, thank you to everyone who attended our first ever Real Estate Workshop at the first of the month. If you weren’t able to make it, here’s a quick rundown of what the workshop covered.

Our main goal was to help educate first-time homebuyers as well as individuals looking to refinance in hopes of making the loan experience much easier. Cherise Riley, our mortgage manager, was able to offer answers and understanding to commonly asked questions when it comes to real estate and lending.

During the sessions, she covered a wide variety of topics ranging from understanding the closing process and required documentation to important mortgage terminology and understanding all the different parts of the mortgage process.

Other topics covered were:

  • Current loan products available and the difference between them
  • Understanding costs associated with each loan type and determining a price range that’s realistic and comfortable for your budget
  • How Credit impacts your Mortgage Loan
  • Pre-Qualification vs Pre-Approvals, what they really mean
  • Understanding Escrow and why it changes yearly
  • Mortgage Servicing, who owns your loan and who services your loan.

There were also different vendors including Redfin Realtors, Capital Title of Texas, Stewart Title Company, Stars and Stripes Construction, RUOCTX Workshop & MDM Consulting, Array Capital Investments, Simply Custom Builders, and The CLR Group making themselves available to talk with attendees about any questions they might have.

We will be holding another workshop this fall, so be sure to stay tuned so you can reserve your seat early.