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*Please note: Skip-A-Payment requests submitted after 5 p.m. on Friday will not be processed until the following Monday.

November 2018   December 2018
By submitting the Skip-A-Payment form to Neighborhood Credit Union, I am requesting to skip my monthly loan payment and understand that; my account must be current and in good standing, my loan must be more than six months old and has not been deferred in the last 90 days (or twice within the last 12 months) and I am not otherwise in default. I understand that by taking advantage of the Skip-A-Payment offer, interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid balance of my loan and my loan will be extended for each Skip-A-Payment granted. This form must be submitted at least five business days prior to your payment due date.

I authorize Neighborhood Credit Union to deduct the donation to skip my payment from my:

Deduct from my Neighborhood CU checking account
Deduct from my Neighborhood CU savings account
Note: *When a payment is deferred, the finance charges continue to accrue on your outstanding loan balance from the date your last payment was made and extends your repayment period. Skip a Payment must be processed 5 days before due date if payment is deducted from another financial institution in order to be deferred for the month requested. Loan and Accounts cannot be past due and must be in good standing. ($25 minimum in savings account required.) Skip a Pay does not apply towards Deposit Secured Loans, Quick Cash Loans, Mortgage Loans, Single Payment Loans, Overdraft Loans, Lines of Credit or Credit Cards. Other restrictions may apply. Many not skip any of the first six (6) monthly payments. Must not have used the Skip a Pay in the past 90 days. Maximum of 5 skips per life of loan. Maximum of 2 skips per rolling 12 month period. A majority of the proceeds will go to the Children’s Health Center Dallas. Federally Insured by NCUA.