Neighborhood Credit Union

How We Serve Our Community and Why We Love It

Our name “Neighborhood Credit Union” is much more than a name. It’s a statement of who we are and where we serve. Two of our major goals as your credit union are building financial relationships with you and being present in your neighborhoods.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: banks are global and credit unions are local. Being local doesn’t mean we’re limited or our work is not far reaching. Our desire to help our communities has allowed us to help other more than we had ever hoped!

Supporting the children

For the past 23 years we have been heavily involved with Children’s Miracle Network giving contributions that go to help fund research to help doctors fight diseases and give our children a bright future. It’s a cause we hold close to our hearts.

Our members make it possible for us to contribute to Health (formerly Children’s Medical Center) in Dallas. Each year we allow our members to skip their loan payment around the holidays for a small cost. The money raised from this campaign is donated directly to the children. In 2016 our members raised $67,500! Over the past 5 years of this initiative, our members have raised a total of $153,953.92.

Since 2012 our Neighborhood CU staff has volunteered at the Christmas is for Children Radiothon, a live broadcast where radio personalities encourage listeners to call us to make donations. Not only is it a great event, but we have had the honor of getting to know our “Child Champion,” Sim, who is recovering from a brain tumor that’s in remission.

Getting to see where the contributions go, hearing the success stories, and knowing that we are making a difference in these kids’ lives is an incredible feeling.

Working with our country’s veterans

Without our serving men and women our country, wouldn’t be where it is today. Sadly there are too many veterans who get out of the military and don’t have the resources to adjust to civilian life only to become homeless. That’s why we have made it a goal to work with our veterans and give them the financial education resources they need.

We go to the Veterans Affairs Hospital once a quarter and meet with veterans for about an hour and cover various financial literacy topics. We want to make sure our veterans are equipped with the right tools when they re-enter civilian life.

We can never say it enough. Thank you to all who have served and for the sacrifices you have made for our country.

Helping out the animals

Animal shelters around DFW are in need of supplies and we wanted to do something about it. Around the holidays we put together a drive called Presents for Pets where we have a donation box at each of our branches and the proceeds go towards supporting that branch’s local shelter.

Helping the shelters by providing the supplies they need to keep the animals healthy lets us help these animals find their forever homes quicker. Together we can all make a difference!

Encouraging DFW’s students

If you frequent the Richardson area then you’ve probably heard of the Cottonwood Art Festival. For the past 6 years we have had the honor of sponsoring the Emerging Artist Program where we award over 30 scholarships to 5 Richardson ISD students.

Through our sponsorship, these students are able to have their own tent to sell their art at the Cottonwood Art Festival. It makes us very happy to help them have an avenue to get not only their work and name to the public, but to also encourage them to keep pursuing their passion.

Rewarding our members

Seeing our members reach their financial goals while having good money practices is the epitome of what we’re all about. So we want to make sure they know that their good habits don’t go unnoticed. How? By awarding over $100,000 in prizes each year!

For nearly 10 years we have been rewarding our members for their good saving habits through our Prize Savings Account showing them that it can pay to save! Seeing the winners’ faces light up when they see their prize makes it even better.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. You can also find us at events like the Duncan Switch Street Market, Taste of Addison, the Mesquite Rodeo Parade, and many others around DFW. We have a blast at them all.

We’re called Neighborhood Credit Union and that’s where you can expect to find us!