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Alerts and Notifications

Our newly enhanced alerts and notifications are easy to use, expanded to provide additional alert types, and increased in frequency for more timely information. You can receive these alerts and notifications in Online Banking, email inbox, and mobile device.  Log in to Online Banking to view and modify your Alerts and Notifications. Activate your enhanced alerts and notifications now!  Click on the images below to zoom in for greater details.

Alerts and Notifications Window

Alerts and Notifications Types and Frequency

Online Banking:

Within Online Banking there are 4 ways you can access Alerts and Notifications:
1. Click on Notifications
2. Click on Additional Services then click on Mobile Banking & Alerts
3. Within My Account box click on Manage mobile alerts
4. Select account, look for Other Services and select Set text message alerts

Alerts and Notifications Access 1

Alerts and Notifications Access 2

Alerts and Notifications Access 3

Alerts and Notifications Access 4

Mobile App:

To view alerts and notifications on our mobile app, follow these simple steps:
1. Log in to our mobile app
2. Access the menu
* Android: tap the menu icon (3 vertical stripes)
* iPhone: tap the More icon (3 horizontal dots)
3. Tap Messages

Alerts and Notifications Mobile App Android Alerts and Notifications iPhone

Don’t have the MyNCU mobile app?  Download it today!

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