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MyNCU Mobile App Version 5.2

We are excited to announce a huge update to our MyNCU Mobile app to version 5.2.  As you read through these great features and enhancements to our mobile app, click on the images to enlarge the details. Download our MyNCU Mobile app today!

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1. Push Notifications – Alerts and Notifications

Receive banking alerts through push notifications on your mobile devices without logging in. We recently updated the Alerts and Notifications features and functionality, which you can read more by clicking here. These enhanced Alerts and Notifications include balance updates, low balances, large withdrawals and large deposits with their user-defined balance thresholds, can be delivered to you in the form of a push notification.

Log into your mobile banking app and enable the push notification feature from your app’s Settings page. Once
push notification is enabled, you can subscribe to a variety of banking alerts. You can turn these off at any time in the mobile app.

MYNCU Push Notifcations


Based on your mobile operating system and version, you may be asked to allow receipt of notifications. See example window.

MyNCU Mobile App Authorize Push Notifications

Available Alerts and Notifications

Push Notifications iOS Notifications Examples

2. Forgot username and password (“Recover credentials”)

Ever forget your usernames and passwords, also known as credentials?  When you do forget them, and we all forget them sometimes, you can easily recover it. Recover your login credentials using your mobile banking apps. You no longer have to call us at Member Services or visit online banking application to recover your credentials!

This feature uses the same navigation flow to reset username and/or password as the flow in Online Banking.  To recover your password, you will be asked to enter your username and phone number that matches the phone number stored in online banking system. A temporary password will be sent to the phone number as a text message. If you want to recover the username, you will be asked to enter an email address. You will receive the username if the entered email address matches the one that is stored in the online banking system.

Forgot Username Password Recover Credentials

Recover credentials A-os and Andoid



3. Renaming features

Some feature names will be renamed to ensure consistent messaging across the mobile operating systems.  View grid below for more details:

1. iOS “Offers” will be renamed “Purchase Rewards” to maintain consistency across both Android and iOS operating systems.

2. Android will have the following menu options inside the Navigation Drawer renamed to maintain consistency across both Android and iOS operating systems:

Renaming fields

4. Split screen multitasking (iPad only)

As part of iOS 9, Apple introduced the ability to run two apps at the same time, side by side. With our latest app update, you can now be more efficient using MyNCU banking app while running other apps on the same screen: speaking to someone, gaming, etc. Bring up another app to run on the same screen by dragging the black vertical divider to resize the portion of the screen the banking app is using.

Read more on Apple’s Split screen and Multitasking.
iPad Split Screen

5. Touch ID (iOS)

As part of iOS 9 OS upgrade, Apple now has the ability to detect if the set of fingerprints on the device has changed since the end user enabled Touch ID for that app.

If any Touch ID fingerprints are added to your device or subtracted from your device then you will need to log in the next time with your username and password. Upon logging in, you will be prompted to re-enroll in Touch ID. This balances security and user experience in an optimal manner.
MYNCU Touch ID Fingerprint Detection Changes

6. 3D Touch (6S and 6S Plus)

3D Touch is a new feature of Apple hardware. It was first released on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in February 2016. Certain actions can occur based on the level of force used when you touch your screen. The MyNCU Mobile app uses 3D Touch in these three exciting ways:

1. Quick Actions on MyNCU App Icon
• Check Deposit – Displayed if your app has Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) enabled.
• Bill Pay – Displayed if your app has Bill Pay enabled
• Transfers – Always displayed

MYNCU 3D Touch Icon

2. Peek and Pop on Accounts
• The same level of force when touching the screen can be used on accounts to give a view of transactions without having to leave the account page. If you want to load the full page then you can easily do that.

MYNCU 3D Touch Checking

3. Peek and Pop on RDC History
• Similarly, the same level of force when touching the screen can allow you to view your checks deposited via the mobile app.


7. iOS Landscape Support

Now you can view your accounts in landscape mode or portrait mode in both Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

MYNCU Landscape

8. Split Pane View on Accounts (select iPhones and all iPads)

On iPhone 6, Plus, 6S Plus, when they are held in landscape orientation, and on all iPads, regardless of orientation, the account view and the transaction view is now visible at the same time. This will reduce the need to tap back and forth to see certain account balances, while looking at the transactions of another account, for example.

MYNCU Split Pane View

9. Android Fingerprint ID

Android Fingerprint ID allows you to log into the Android mobile banking app using your fingerprint. It’s an easy and secure way for Android users to log in without having to type or memorize a password.

MYNCU Fingerprint Login

You must opt-in to enable Fingerprint ID on your supported Android device. When logging into the v.5.2 Android app for the first time, you will be prompted to enable the Fingerprint ID.

MYNCU Fingerprint Login

Note: If you have not registered your fingerprints on the device, the Android app will ask you to register your fingerprints first.

MYNCU Fingerprint Login

Tapping on the SETTINGS option will navigate you to the device’s Settings page. Once your fingerprints are registered, you will be able to enable the feature from the app’s Settings page.

MYNCU Fingerprint Login

All fingerprints registered on the device will be enrolled when you enable the feature.

MYNCU Fingerprint Login


If you change the set of fingerprints registered on the device by adding or removing a fingerprint, the app will detect the change, disable Fingerprint ID, and require you to login using a username and password. You can re-enable Fingerprint ID after logging into the app.

MYNCU Fingerprint Login