Neighborhood Credit Union

2017 Fee Changes

At Neighborhood Credit Union we occasionally must adjust fees. However, we always want to ensure that our fees are fair when compared to other financial institutions. We monitor our fees regularly and you will find that they are lower than other banks in the DFW area. There are options to lower many of our fees and sometimes avoid them altogether.

The following initial opening deposit minimums are effective for these accounts opened on and after February 1, 2017:

• Kasasa Tunes & Choice Checking: $25
• Kasasa Cash: $100

The following fee changes are effective February 13, 2017:

• ATM/Debit Courtesy Pay Fee: $32 per item
(We will not charge this fee if your ending available account balance is overdrawn by $5 or less)

• Choice Checking Fee: $10.50 per month
($1.00 fee reduction for eStatement Enrollment and Decline of Paper Statements, $.20 fee reduction for each signature-based point of sale debit card transaction. See Truth-in-Savings disclosure for more details)

• Loan Payment Extension Fee Not Requested via Online or Mobile Banking: $50 per item
(Lower this fee to $35 with requests via Online or Mobile Banking. Also known as the Skip A Payment Fee.)

According to Ratewatch Fee Survey, our Fees are lower than the DFW average.

Checking Fee Comparison

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